Shi Ming Chen et Kamkan So
Guohong Yin et Béatrice Chen
    Shi Ming Chen et Kamkan So  /  
    Guohong Yin et Béatrice Chen

    Au Zen Garden

     -  Chinese Fine Dining Cuisine
    15, rue Marbeuf - Paris 8ème
    Lunch : Open 7/7
    Dinner : Open 7/7

    After major renovation, Au Zen Garden has a number of private rooms. Close to the famous Champs-Elysées in the 8th district, this elegant restaurant serves fine Chinese food in a sophisticated decor designed according to the recommendations of the great Chinese architect, Sheng Tang Guyoi. A student of the Master Tan Kwei Ming, Shi Ming Schen put an extremely varied menu together which includes a wonderful blend of subtle flavours from Shanghai, Beijing, Sichuan and Canton regions.

    Menu extract of of the restaurant Au Zen Garden

    Restaurant Au Zen Garden's starters

    17,00 €
    Xuang Zang : Seaweed salad and prawns with coriander and vegetables, spiced sauce
    17,00 €
    Si Xiand : crispy tuna and aubergine with black sesame seed
    15,00 €
    Les septs trésors de la fleur de Lotus : basket of seafood, vegetables and cashew nut
    17,00 €
    Duck foie gras flambe with crepes
    27,00 €
    Crab claws stuffed with shrimps

    Restaurant Au Zen Garden's main courses

    37,00 €
    Long Li : wandering on a chinease junk
    25,00 €
    Tunna volte-face done SHANGAàŽ style : served on a crispy nest of noodles
    32,00 €
    Fender grilled duck slices with the unctuous black pepper sauce from the Sichuan
    42,00 €
    Yang Min sha : wok made beefstaek green pepper, shallots, chive, basilica with spicy sauce
    30,00 €
    Volte-face de saumon à la mode de Shangai, servi sur un nid de nouilles croquantes

    Restaurant Au Zen Garden's desserts

    12,00 €
    ZEN power : flambeed fruit, candied ginger, Sichuanpepper ice cream crunch
    9,00 €
    De mi mi : sticky rice balls with honey sauce, valilla and soya milk ice cream
    9,00 €
    Dôme de yunan : sticky rice, chocolate sauce with morel muhrooms
    9,00 €
    L'esprit Zen : fresh fruit harmony
    10,00 €
    Green apple in a tinfoil and sherbet

    Restaurant Au Zen Garden's formules

    55.00 €
    Average price a la carte
    from 19,00 € to 29,00 €
    Lunch menu
    32,00 €
    Tasting menu
    19,00 €
    Menu déjeuner, plateau express

    1 plat du jour, accompagnement au choix, salde de fruits ou café (du lundi au vendredi)

    29,00 €
    Menu Zen Hao Chi

    Entrée au choix, plat au choix, dessert au choix, boisson - Du lundi au dimanche

    39,00 €
    Menu Zen Garden
    35,00 €
    2 entrées + 2 plats + 2 accompagnements + dessert : from 6 to 40 persons
    45,00 €
    2 entrées + 3 plats + 2 accompagnements + dessert : from 6 to 40 persons
    68,00 €
    2 entrées + 4 plats + 2 accompagnements + dessert : from 6 to 40 persons
    Le Grand Cru de prédilection de Laroche, réputé pour sa finesse et son charme.
    The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume with moderation
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