Richard Bartal
Carla Destouches
    Chef of the restaurant La Bouteille d'Or: Richard Bartal  /  
    Owner of the restaurant La Bouteille d'Or: Carla Destouches

    La Bouteille d'Or

     -  French Traditional Cuisine
    9, quai Montebello - Paris 5ème
    Lunch : Open 7/7
    Dinner : Open 7/7

    Situated in the 5th district, this enormous left-bank restaurant, perched on the riverfront with views of Notre-Dame, offers you a luxurious inn-style setting for a wonderful voyage of food discovery. This is a real joy for the many tourists in the neighborhood and true Parisians, who love the restaurant’s French traditional cuisine and classic specialties. Beautiful and spacious terrace.

    Menu extract of of the restaurant La Bouteille d'Or

    Restaurant La Bouteille d'Or's starters

    15,00 €
    Assortment of Mediterranean delicatessen
    11,00 €
    Refined tart with Saint-Maure ( goat's cheese ) and dried figs
    14,00 €
    Mousseline of avocado with soy and shrimps
    10,00 €
    Tartar of bass and lime, chopped vegetables
    15,00 €
    Semi-preserved foie gras, apple and peer chutney

    Restaurant La Bouteille d'Or's main courses

    29,00 €
    Fillet of tuna half roasted, tomatoes tartar
    32,00 €
    Wok of gambas and clams, linguine pasta with vegetables
    35,00 €
    Veal cutlets with oyster mushroom cream, vegetable's tian
    25,00 €
    The vegetarian gourmet parade, with diced tofu and sésame
    29,00 €
    Duck breast, short reduced jus with honey and thyme, gratin dauphinois

    Restaurant La Bouteille d'Or's desserts

    10,00 €
    Orange delice
    12,00 €
    Red berries tiramisù
    12,00 €
    Crunchy chocolate cake
    15,00 €
    Coffee-Parade ( chef's desserts )
    10,00 €
    Apple and cinnamon strudel, shower of dried grapes

    Restaurant La Bouteille d'Or's formules

    49,00 €
    Average price a la carte
    from 12,00 € to 18,00 €
    Menu Kids : starter + main course or main course + dessert or starter + main course + dessert
    from 20,00 € to 25,00 €
    Formule Bouteille d'Or : starter + main course or main course + dessert or starter + main course + dessert
    from 34,00 € to 42,00 €
    Menu du Grand Orgue : starter + main course or main course + dessert or starter + main course + dessert
    Vin issu d'un assemblage de sols, une alliance quasi parfaite entre les argiles bleues et les graves profondes. C'est de ce terroir unique que sont produits ces vins d'un parfait équilibre.
    The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume with moderation
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