Timothée Lissowski
Emilie Quesney
    Restaurant manager of the restaurant Café Chic: Timothée Lissowski  /  
    Manager of the restaurant Café Chic: Emilie Quesney

    Café Chic

     -  Fun & Trendy
    126, Faubourg-Saint-Honoré - Paris 8ème
    Lunch: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    Dinner: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

    Next to the Bristol in the 8th district, Café Chic is a unique spot in Paris where the mood changes depending on the time of day or night. With its glamorous decor, there is a warm and festive atmosphere that fills the place where you can meet up to enjoy a drink or a meal. The reputation of this fun and trendy place is down to its cocktail menu, the elegant female customers who end up dancing between tables to the sound of the DJ’s music, and the welcoming provided by Timothée, who knows the meaning of an all-nighter more than anyone else.

    Menu extract of of the restaurant Café Chic

    Restaurant Café Chic's starters

    16,00 €
    Dégustation thaï
    18,00 €
    Salade Caesar
    16,00 €
    Salade italienne
    18,00 €
    Salade poulet thaï
    16,00 €
    Tomate mozzarella

    Restaurant Café Chic's main courses

    25,00 €
    Club sandwich cheddar
    24,00 €
    Penne 4 fromages
    18,00 €
    Tartare de boeuf
    28,00 €
    Larme du tigre
    21,00 €
    Steak de thon

    Restaurant Café Chic's desserts

    9,00 €
    Café gourmand
    12,00 €
    12,00 €
    Fromage blanc
    11,00 €
    11,00 €
    Moelleux chocolat

    50,00 €
    Average price a la carte
    La Vie en Rose inspire et aspire à l'évasion, au tourbillon d'une danse, d'une valse, d'un état d'esprit léger, porté par l'amour et le partage. Vin d'apéritif, de fête et de gourmandise.
    The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume with moderation
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