Vai-Kuan Vong
Vai-Kuan Vong
    Chef of the restaurant Chez Vong: Vai-Kuan Vong  /  
    Owner of the restaurant Chez Vong: Vai-Kuan Vong

    Chez Vong

     -  Chinese Fine Dining Cuisine
    10, rue de la Grande Truanderie - Paris 1er
    Lunch: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    Dinner: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

    Situated in the 1st district, in the decor of an old Chinese inn, with stone walls and columns and plants everywhere, the kitchen dominates everything. Chef Vai Kuan Vong cooks Cantonese style to perfection - the leading gastronomic style in China. Other culinary traditions including inventiveness are also well represented. These Chinese dishes are extremely refined and served like works of art. Mrs Vong manages the assiduous smiling service with a wave of her magic wand.

    Menu extract of of the restaurant Chez Vong

    Restaurant Chez Vong's starters

    14,00 €
    Assortiment de ravioli
    15,50 €
    Assortiment de raviolis (5 pièces)
    14,00 €
    Salade de méduse
    19,00 €
    Les délices de crevettes
    20,00 €
    Salade au crabe

    Restaurant Chez Vong's main courses

    30,00 €
    Boeuf au poivre noir
    34,00 €
    Crevettes joyeuses
    35,00 €
    Cuisses de grenouilles aux 5 parfums
    123,00 €
    Filet de bar façon Vong
    142,00 €
    Canard laqué à la pékinoise (2 services, 2 pers.)

    Restaurant Chez Vong's desserts

    12,50 €
    Sorbet au sésame
    14,00 €
    Flan au taro
    14,50 €
    Salade de fruits frais
    14,00 €
    Fruits au caramel
    16,00 €
    Crème à la mangue

    Restaurant Chez Vong's formules

    70,00 €
    Average price a la carte
    26,50 €
    Lunch menu
    Robe rose pâle de couleur corail. Notes de fruits mûrs de fraise, cerise et abricot. Savoureux et minéral. Médaillé en 2016 d'argent par les Vignerons Indépendants & "Commended" recommandation "Decanter DWWA" à Londres.
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