Alain Pégouret
Christian Sochon
    Chef of the restaurant Laurent: Alain Pégouret  /  
    Director of the restaurant Laurent: Christian Sochon


     -  French Fine Dining
    41, avenue Gabriel - Paris 8ème
    Lunch: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Dinner: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

    A luxurious and gourmet landmark within the gardens of the Champs-Elysées  roundabout, managed with great efficiency by Christian Sochon. Alain Pégouret, emerging star chef trained by Robuchon, skilfully adds his own sense of innovation to a palette underlining the best among quintessential classics; heightened by an impeccable service, as upbeat as an Offenbach score.

    Menu extract of of the restaurant Laurent

    Restaurant Laurent's starters

    67,00 €
    Jellied spider crab topped with fenel cream sauce
    67,00 €
    Sauteed duck liver and young bitter-sweet vegetables
    63,00 €
    Caramelised calf head, young moustard leaves
    63,00 €
    Braised green asparagus balai in a chicken sauce with sorrel, browned soft-boiled egg
    92,00 €
    Crispy French scampi with basil sauce

    Restaurant Laurent's main courses

    74,00 €
    Coeur de haddock cuit au lait, pétales de pomme Charlotte, mousseline citronnée
    99,00 €
    Slightly browned scallops served in a clear consommé, oysters mushrooms and "borage"
    92,00 €
    Breast of pigeon roasted in casserole, giblets raviolis, artichokes and broad beans
    97,00 €
    Spiced shoulder of Spring lamb from the Pyrénées, caramelised cutlets and eggplant
    74,00 €
    Crispy pig's trotter "friands" and mashed potatoes

    Restaurant Laurent's desserts

    33,00 €
    Rhubarb glazed with hibiscus flower, rice pudding ice-cream
    33,00 €
    Wafer stuffed with almond milk cream and wild strawberries
    33,00 €
    Hot soufflé with orange blossom
    33,00 €
    Cylinder of black chocolate with a light flavour of peanuts, Baileys ice-cream
    29,00 €
    Freshly made vanilla ice cream in a corole

    Restaurant Laurent's formules

    180,00 €
    Average price a la carte
    from 95,00 € to 180,00 €
    Issue de vignes centenaires, cette cuvée rare est produite seulement dans les plus grands millésimes. Cuvée unique dans laquelle s’exprime la symphonie des 13 cépages.
    The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume with moderation
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