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Le Baudelaire

- French Gastronomic Cuisine
Hôtel Le Burgundy
6-8, rue Duphot - Paris 1er

In the heart of the 1st district and opening onto a quiet patio, Le Baudelaire invites you to a French gastronomic cuisine. The chef has received his first  Michelin star as the restaurant opened. He has cleverly developed a Parisian cuisine, while drawing currents from the southern France. At the bar, you can enjoy small dishes to whet your appetite with your cocktail.

  Vin issu d'un assemblage de sols, une alliance quasi parfaite entre les argiles bleues et les graves profondes. C'est de ce terroir unique que sont produits ces vins d'un parfait équilibre.
A la carte of the restaurant Le Baudelaire

Restaurant Le Baudelaire's starters

25,00 €
Joël's autumn vegetable salad, celery salt, aigo boulido and young salad leaves
35,00 €
Sauteed Scottish creel caught langoustine, pumpkin royale, Brussel sprouts, black olive Taggiasche
33,00 €
Smoked then sauteed fois gras from Vendée, marinated mushrooms, red wine sauce
34,00 €
Gillardeau n°1 rock oysters, Granny Smith apple, horseradish crème, poutargue
45,00 €
Scottish hand dived King scallops, black sesame, lemon marmalade, chickweed

Restaurant Le Baudelaire's main courses

45,00 €
Roasted wild John Dory, baby artichokes, chestnuts, quince
45,00 €
Roasted wild turbot, baby turnip, tangerine, oyster leaf
55,00 €
Slow cooked native lobster, coco beans from Paimpol, pine oil, smoked claws
50,00 €
Saddle of venison from Sologne, celery, blueberry, jam with coffee flavor
60,00 €
Roasted grouse, caramelised parsnips, Laphroaig whisky sauce

Restaurant Le Baudelaire's desserts

17,00 €
Homemade sorbets and ice creams ( mango, passion fruit, coconut, vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, almond )
18,00 €
Seasonal fresh fruit
18,00 €
Grand cru chocolate from Ecuador, sea salt shortbread, crispy tuile
18,00 €
Banana Iced parfait, lime marmalade, meringue
18,00 €
Citrus fruit salad, crispy tuile, basil sorbet

Restaurant Le Baudelaire's formules

105.00 €
Average price a la carte
from 54,00 € to 65,00 €
Formules déjeuner (E+P ou P+D) Hors boissons
from 145,00 € to 210,00 €
Menus dégustation, avec ou sans accord mets et vins
72,00 €
Fanfarlo (1847)

72 euros ttc/personne (hors boissons)

97,00 €
Art romantique (1852)

97 euros ttc/personne (hors boissons)

118,00 €
Les fleurs du mal (1857)

118 euros ttc/personne (hors boissons)

158,00 €
Elévation (1862)

158 euros ttc/personne (hors boissons)

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume with moderation

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Pierre Rigothier
Loïc Le Berre
Chef of the restaurant Le Baudelaire
Pierre Rigothier
General Manager of the hotel of the restaurant Le Baudelaire
Loïc Le Berre
Lunch : Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi
Dinner : Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi
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