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Restaurant La Bonne Franquette, Paris 18ème, Bistro
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Restaurant photo
Richard Dhammika
Patrick Fracheboud
    Chef of the restaurant La Bonne Franquette: Richard Dhammika  /  
    Owner of the restaurant La Bonne Franquette: Patrick Fracheboud

    La Bonne Franquette

     -  Bistro
    2, rue des Saules - Paris 18ème
    Lunch : Open 7/7
    Dinner : Open 7/7

    "Aimer, manger, boire et chanter" (Love, eat, drink and sing) is the invitation painted above this 19th century Montmartre inn and bistro in the 18th arrondissement. Amidst the period frescoes and in the shade of a private garden, you will mingle with the ghosts of Cezanne, Van Gogh, Monet and Zola, who all came here. Every evening, live music adds a hint of happy nostalgia to your onion soup, your boeuf bourguignon and the chocolate iced truffle. Wine bar (150 wines to discover).

    Menu extract of the restaurant La Bonne Franquette

    Restaurant La Bonne Franquette's starters

    9,00 €
    French onion soup
    9,00 €
    6 Burgundy snails
    9,00 €
    Rillettes aux 2 saumons sur salade
    9,00 €
    Salad with anchovies
    9,00 €
    Minced spread of sardines

    Restaurant La Bonne Franquette's main courses

    18,00 €
    Steak with green peppercorn sauce or grilled
    22,00 €
    Millefeuille of charolais beef with duck liver paté
    18,00 €
    Beef tripe cooked in cider and Calvados
    18,00 €
    Pork blood sausage with Espelette pepper
    17,00 €
    Pavé of salmon with polenta and vegetables

    Restaurant La Bonne Franquette's desserts

    9,00 €
    Apple tart
    9,00 €
    Coconuts ice cream
    8,00 €
    Glace artisanale de la maison Terre Adélice
    8,00 €
    Smoth low-fat cheese with reddish black cherry

    Restaurant La Bonne Franquette's formules

    36,00 €
    Average price a la carte
    10,00 €
    Children's menu
    19,00 €
    Lunch menu
    27,00 €
    Menu (entrée+plat+dessert)
    Un vin puissant aux très beaux tannins. Des arômes de fruits rouges et noirs comme la myrtille et le cassis. Des notes fines de menthol et de réglisse lui confèrent une fraîcheur élégante.
    The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume with moderation
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