Aimé Cougoureux
Thérèse Cougoureux
    Co-owner of the restaurant Ma Bourgogne: Aimé Cougoureux  /  
    Co-owner of the restaurant Ma Bourgogne: Thérèse Cougoureux

    Ma Bourgogne

     -  Bistro
    19, place des Vosges - Paris 4ème
    Lunch : Open 7/7
    Dinner : Open 7/7

    Located on the inevitable Place des Vosges, Thérèse and Aimé Cougoureux’s brasserie is, without a doubt, one of the most popular stops in the Marais. Of course, its greatest offerings are its splendid view of this superb Parisian square in the 4th district and its large terrace, which remains full from morning to night, no matter the season. But, equally attracting is the good cuisine offered in this bistro which balances delicious French classics with exquisite specialties from the south of France. A must !

    Menu extract of the restaurant Ma Bourgogne

    Restaurant Ma Bourgogne's starters

    8,50 €
    Hard-boiled egg in aspic
    24,00 €
    Duck liwerwust with toast
    26,00 €
    Snails from Bourgogne ( 1 dozen )
    9,00 €
    Kippers and potato salad
    16,00 €
    Curly lettice salad with blue cheese and diced bacon

    Restaurant Ma Bourgogne's main courses

    25,00 €
    Tartar steak
    22,00 €
    Veal and lamp tripes from Rouergue
    38,00 €
    Big veal chop
    75,00 €
    Rib of beef for two
    22,00 €
    Beaujolais pork sausage with wine sauce and warm potato salad

    Restaurant Ma Bourgogne's desserts

    9,00 €
    Fresh-baked fruit pie
    8,00 €
    Blue cheese made from sheep's milk
    9,50 €
    Apple upside down pie with flaming caramelized sugar
    9,00 €
    Lady finger cake with chocolate
    9,00 €
    Ice cream favours ( 2 scoops )

    50,00 €
    Average price a la carte
    Pour son centenaire, la Maison crée la cuvée Charles VII, en hommage à l’histoire royale des terres champenoises. Sa bouteille épurée au design exclusif se fait l’écrin d’assemblages élaborés avec une majorité de Grands et de Premiers Crus.
    The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume with moderation
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