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Marco Bucca
Stéphanie Amari
    Chef of the restaurant Le Boccador: Marco Bucca  /  
    Head waiter of the restaurant Le Boccador: Stéphanie Amari

    Le Boccador

     -  Italian Cuisine
    20, rue du Boccador - Paris 8ème
    Lunch: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Dinner : Open 7/7

    Le Boccador is an Italian institution located in the heart of Paris' Golden Triangle and has been since 1971. The atmosphere is welcoming and intimate thanks to its comfortable seating, subdued lighting, walls adorned with blond wooden boxes and beautiful photos of transalpine cinema actors; we like to meet here to savor an authentic cuisine full of flavors. The plates are bursting with generosity, all made from rigorously selected products.

    Menu extract of the restaurant Le Boccador

    Restaurant Le Boccador's starters

    15,00 €
    L'oeuf du chef con nido di spinaci e crema al parmigiano
    16,00 €
    Antipasto italiano
    24,00 €
    Mortadella al tartufo
    17,00 €
    Vellutata di carote e tartufo
    25,00 €
    Burrata pugliese ( 250g )

    Restaurant Le Boccador's main courses

    23,00 €
    28,00 €
    Filet de bar
    18,00 €
    Ravioli ricotta
    25,00 €
    Linguine alla vongole
    27,00 €
    Côte de veau alla milanese

    Restaurant Le Boccador's desserts

    11,00 €
    11,00 €
    Panna cotta
    11,00 €
    Canolo ricotta
    14,00 €
    Café gourmand
    10,00 €
    Carpaccio d'ananas

    54,00 €
    Average price a la carte

    Restaurant Le Boccador's special menus

    from 110,00 € to 150,00 €
    Menu de la Saint Sylvestre !!
    Provenant de la colline ensoleillée de Tignanello, il est élaboré à base des meilleurs raisins du vignoble.
    The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume with moderation
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